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Hi All,

I recently bought a DNS-320L NAS box and successfully set it up on my home wireless network. The machine works fine and I can access it through Windows explorer on all the Windows machines in my house. However, I cannot manage to access it through either my iPad or my Android phone. On both of these devices I have installed the MyDlink Access app. Each time I try to login a get a 'Sign in failed' message on either device. I can login using the same username and password on their website so I know my login credentials are correct.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem. Didn't found solution yet. Hope, someone will post it here


Do you happen to have any special characters in your password?
If you do, as a troubleshooting step, would you be able to setup a simple password and let us know if it still happens?

Don't have any special character

Is your DNS-320L successfully registered with mydlink or is the registration process failing?


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