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sharing Internet ports in VLANS on Switch DLINK DGS-1224T


Hello. We have 3 switch DLINK DGS-1224T working fine. Until now we have been working with 3 switches connected in cascade without VLANs.
We have also one port of a switch connected to a router and share Internet.

But now we want to work with different VLANs. We have setup different VLANs in 1224 siwtches, and it works. PCs connected to port in different VLANs are not visible.
The problem is that we want to share Internet connection in all VLANs.

How could we do this ? I think we should share the port where the router is connected to in all VLANs, but what kind of ports should we use ? Which one untag, tag or not member ?

Thank you

My apologies for my late reply, I had not seen your post until now somehow.

You will need to either have a gateway which can exist in both VLANs (by the use of 2 physical interfaces plugged into different VLANs), or you will need a gateway which supports tagged VLAN interfaces.


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