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Connect DIR-506L to Wi-Fi Hotspot with a Logon page

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Certain Wi-Fi Hotspots in hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc. require additional info to be entered on their logon page before internet access is granted.  For example, username, passwords, credit card numbers, or perhaps just an "agreement" statement checked.

How do you enter this info when connecting the DIR-506L to this type of Hotspot?

This help any?

Thanks for the link.  I'll try this and report back the next time I try to access a Hotspot with a logon page.

Keep us posted.


I tried this and it worked. 

Once I configured my DIR-506L to connect to the restaurant's internet hotspot, I still wasn't able to connect to the web page from my laptop which was connected to the DIR-506L via Wi-Fi.  The page and other public pages all timed out.

However, I tried a different browser from the same laptop,  and this time I was redirected to the restaurant's landing/login page.  Once I accepted this page I could access public web pages from both browsers.

Then I connected my iPhone to the DIR-506L, and it could now also access the internet via WiFi.

I'm not sure if I really needed to use a different browser, or if it was a timing or caching issue.  In any case, it worked.


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