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Is it just me ???


Has anyone else noticed that the documentation for the DSR-250N leaves a lot to be desired???
I suppose that someone who works on IT stuff every day might understand it, but for the average user it is quite a challenge.
I have had my DSR-250N for about a month and have been through two firmware upgrades. The manuals seem to be about two steps behind the firmware and they assume that you know everything before you start reading instead of explaining how stuff works.

Is this router in a home or small business?

This router class is designed and meant for larger corporate or business enterprise class networks with IT people with a fair amount of networking knowledge and experience to run them. These people usually have a good working knowledge about router and thus why the level of complexity of the UM is higher.

If you have questions about the use of this router and the manual, i recommend that you phone contact DLink support and inquire about questions and information.

Good Luck.

It is in a small business network along with a DGS-1100 with 12 devices attached, mostly PC's.
I have already been in contact with tech support to resolve a problem that ended up being a firmware issue. They were very helpful and resolved that problem with the first of two firmware updates. Unfortunately the update caused a different problem that required a second firmware update.
It seems to me that tech support should have better things to do than interpreting a poorly written user manual. I certainly have better things to do than wait on hold for 15 minutes every time I have a question.

Maybe using a less complicated router with easier UM would better suit your network needs instead. If you got ir working then your probably good to go. Good luck.


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