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Signal Strength


I want to locate the router in the basement; will the signal be severely diminished trying to penetrate the wood sub-floor. Distance to laptops should not exceed 25'. Router is connected through an "Airave" mobile hotspot as part of cell signal setup.

It's recommended to place any Wifi routers central to the building and on the main floor. If signal isn't great at those distances, then you may need to add an AP or repeater to help extend. The range.

Could get you one of these and turn it into an AP if you were able to use a wired LAN cable connection to it:
DIR-628 on Sale for next 6 hours.

Other options could be:
D-Link DAP 1360, 1513, 1522, 1525, 1533

I appreciate your speedy response. I am currently utilizing a D-link RangeBooster G Router, so I may give that a go before investing in another. I am employing a LAN connection through the mobile hotspot to the router. It seems like it covers both issues. I just have a limited budget since I am no longer employed. Budget, budget, budget. I've read your posts and realize you are a savvy character.

Ok, keep us posted on how it goes. Here to help out.


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