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mydlink.com - Rules for Device Association with Regional mydlink.com Accounts


The mydlink Cloud service currently consists of 5 sites, and each site covers specific regions of the globe (see Table below). At present, D-Link does not have a single global mydlink site blanketing the globe.
  SiteRegionUSMPUnited States, Central America, Latin AmericaEUMPEuropeTWMPTaiwan, Hong Kong (and possibly Korea)CNMPChinaSGMPOther Locations
Device Association Rules

[+]D-Link Cloud device site association is established (i.e. hard coded) before the device is shipped (e.g. a device from a USMP region will be associated with the USMP site)
[+]A mydlink account can be registered at any of the five sites
[+]A D-Link Cloud device can only be registered on a mydlink account matching the site associated with the device (e.g. a device from Europe will be associated with EUMP, and can only be registered on a EUMP mydlink account)

Device Association Examples

[+]D-Link Cloud devices from the United States and Mexico are associated with the USMP site, so devices from both countries can register to the same USMP mydlink account
[+]D-Link Cloud devices from the UK are associated with the EUMP site, so devices from the UK can register to the same EUMP mydlink account
[+]If a D-Link Cloud device associated with EUMP attempts to register on a USMP mydlink account, the device registration will fail

D-Link is in the process of changing this regional-based design in favor of a single global mydlink account that has no geographic dependencies. The current registration schema will remain in place until the new design is deployed. D-Link has not released an ETA for the new design.


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