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I can't send and recieve mails through DSR-250N


Hello, I'm trying to configure the DSR-250N and I can navigate on internet, and use the ftp, https, ping and other services but when I tried to open de port 25 and 995, the router don't let me open the ports.

What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under router.
Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on routers web page under status.
What region are you located?
Are you wired or wireless connected to the router?

What ISP Service do you have? Cable or DSL?
What ISP Modem make and model do you have?

I believe the email ports don't need to be configured on the router.

I'm in Central America (Panama)
Router Ver: A1
Firmware: DSR-250N_A1_FW105B73
Connection: wired
ISP Service: DSL
ISP Modem: RAD LA-110

and without the DSR-250N in the middle I can send and receive mails freely.

If this modem has a built in router, it's best to bridge the modem. Having 2 routers on the same line can cause connection problems.
Double NAT
To tell if the modem is bridged or not, look at the routers web page, Status/Device Info/Wan Section? if there is a 192.168.0.# address in the WAN IP address field, then the modem is not bridged.
If the modem can't be bridged then see if the modem has a DMZ option and input the IP address the router gets from the modem and put that into the modems DMZ.
Check ISP MTU requirements, Cable is usually 1500, DSL is around 1492 down to 1472. Call the ISP and ask.


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