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--- Quote from: alanazar on August 02, 2016, 01:20:48 PM ---Hello, I would recommend the following options:

+ Connection type & strength
An icon in video and in app showing if camera is wired or wifi. Important that the wifi signal shows strength...this helps troubleshoot problems and to place cameras better. Similar to your wifi signal on phone or laptop, or like on Skype how it shows your connection quality

+ Bandwidth test camera and recommend video setting
Building on the above, if the video quality can be variable and optimized based on the bandwidth and connection speed. Also an option when setting up the camera to test which video setting is recommended and to be able to apply it
The video settings in the setup are not for your average user....I even tinkered between the different options, but this should be much easier and automated

+ Caching for app?
The app loading time for me (latest version on Samsung S6 latest android version 6) and has always been slow in previous versions of the app and the phone software and it is the same on the iPhone (latest model\firmware). From opening the app, to seeing what cameras it has to download from the account. I'm sure there are many settings or camera info that can be cached on the phone and then the app can background refresh if there is an update....it seems to load everything every time the app opens....too slow.

+ Leaner software
Sorry i can't be specific here, it's just the app as well as the software on the cameras are very clunky....it's a shame since the hardware specs are great
The app loads so slowly vs the motorola hubble app as well as the nest app....also, once you open their apps it automatically has a snapshot from the actual cameras....very nice! Please make your apps and software better because the cameras are good!


--- End quote ---

+1 on all points above

How are we coming along regarding adding the ability to create camera groups so that common attributes can be set simultaneously for multiple cameras? 

With the latest UI workflow, it has become very cumbersome and time-consuming to enable/disable motion detection for multiple cameras.  Imagine having to go through this ridiculous sequence for each camera just to enable/disable motion detection: 

(1) select the camera.
(2) wait a few seconds for the video feed to connect 
(3) select the "..." 
(4) select cam settings
(5) select motion detection
(6) click enable/disable
(7) click to go back a few times 
(8) wait for video feed to connect again
(9) click to go back to camera list. 
(10) repeat all above steps for each camera

A simple check box beside each camera in the main list screen would've been acceptable.  But being able to control camera groups is probably more elegant and flexible for handling multiple common attributes.


my wishlist for Mydlink Lite  iOS or andriod

1. Have guest mode,  mydlink lite is basically for admin, it shows camera password on browser
2. On Mydlink / settings - put a master switch - "enable remove button".  I find the remove camera to be too risky as you might accidentally remove it
3. Add - Reboot Camera option similar to Reboot Router
4. Add - In addition to motion/sound detection, add more settings that we can configure. e.g. FTP settings, scheduled reboot timer, ftp test,
5. Add more status details, e.g. wifi details, ip address used, mac address, up time

While I'm sure I could add a long wishlist, as the MyDLink Lite app is rather outdated and could use some TLC, I have two primary issues that I'd like to see addressed:

For context, I have a Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1

1) My phone has a fairly high resolution screen, which the MyDLink Lite app apparently mistakes for a tablet.  I forces me into landscape mode and won't allow me to rotate my screen at all (see linked screenshot).  Please adjust this to account for modern large screen high resolution phones so that the app is usable.  My phone's screen is not nearly tablet size, and it makes it pretty hard to use the app.

2) The notification style of the app is incongrous with the rest of Android.  It hasn't really been updated to keep pace with the last couple versions of the OS, and looks to have been manually styled rather than relying on the OS's built-in styling (see linked screenshots).  They're a different size, don't show the time in the same place, and don't show the app name.  On the lockscreen, there's an ugly white band behind them, and this white band conflicts with the Ambient Display feature.  In addition, the notifications don't group like every other app, and the MyDLink Lite app doesn't allow any control of the sound of the notification.

Overall, please update the app to be compatible with newer phones running the latest version of the OS.

Linked screenshots:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3pm9bs57lgqflns/AAA7BCYg-l1O-g9O8jCIKQQHa?dl=0


Here's my wish list for myDlink Lite App.

a) Allow add camera and to manually put IP or DDNS name to connect to camera. 

For some unknown reason, the mydlink lite app still do relay mode and need to reconnect every 5 minutes.
I have enabled router upnp and did all port forwarding.  I can access home camera from external location


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