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Since there's no forum for business class products --- DWC-1000 -- Help now!!!


I really hate to go to this extreme, but I have get to some sort of resolve, and it seems that this is only alternate method I can use.  And since there seems to be no real business version of your support forum, I'm putting this thread here in hopes that someone at D-Link with some real working knowledge of wireless networking can help .

D-Link seems to have no real segregation between the support of their home products, and their business products.  If I call in, It takes 30 minutes just to talk to a tier 1 support rep who wants to put me on hold for 5 minutes at a time after asking me irrelevant questions about my issue.  I've worked support before and I know exactly what is happening.  The rep assigned to my case has never even looked at the device that I am needing help configuring (DWC-1000).  Instead of escalating this to a rep that does know, she instead wastes my time while she reads the documentation that I already have followed on how to configure the device, and burn up 4+ hours of my time and my clients time.  She then tells me she is "recreating my scenario on her end".  That is not going to cut it. I've asked twice now for this to be escalated

My case number is C6107052.  Supposedly an expert engineer is supposed to call me within in 24 hours of 4PM EST.  I still have not been contacted as of 12:30PM EST.

This is absolutely unacceptable.  I've spent 4 hours split over 2 days on this issue and it still hasn't even progressed.  I need someone with expert knowledge on a DWC-1000 to contact me ASAP.

Please step it up, because right now, your support department is absolutely worthless to me and they are only making matters worse.

I don't have any experience with this. This forum is mainly for home and small business class products.
I'll need some info before going any farther. I might be able to put you on correct line with others who might be able to help you.

What Hardware version is the DWC? Look at sticker under router.
Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded?
What region are you located?

Any cordless house phones?
Any other WiFi routers in the area? Link> Use InSSIDer to find out. How many?

I'll have to retreive the hardware version on Monday when I am onsite again.
Firmware - (latest version)

There are no known wireless devices other than the D-Link APs that the DWC-1000 manages.  This would be considered a unified wireless system, where the controller manages multiple APs (DWL-3600AP) that clients fast roam between.  This also enables you to control SSIDs from the controller level and not individually between all 7 access points.

Thanks for the reply.  If you can get me into contact with a tech that knows this hardware setup, that would great.

Ok, thank you for this information. I've forwarded this thread on to my contact at DLink. I would give it a couple of days or hopefully next week.

Keep us posted on any information you get and can provide.

I hope this can be resolved.

Hard Harry:
Even though I have a feeling its outside the scope of this forum, what were you needing help with configuring? Maybe between the manual and some general troubleshooting we can atleast get you pointed in the right direction? Unless you have already gotten Tier 2 help, then I suggest going that route. Good luck.


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