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Author Topic: Simple fix for WBR-1310 connection problems. No firmware changes or anything  (Read 10342 times)


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So i bought the WBR-1310 router and when i first hooked it up it was working perfectly, but within two days I started to lose connection and would have to hard reboot my router to fix the problem but then it would just happen all over again in a couple hours. Well i see alot of people are having this trouble and I think I've found a easy solution. In your router settings, there is a section for DHCP server settings and whats called a DHCP lease time. Well the default time was 180 minutes, which means that every 3 hours or less your DHCP will be renewed, which is normally no problem but for some reason the router doesnt like to fully renew it so you end up losing connection and having to restart.
Well i changed my settings to 1440 minutes (24 hours) and have had no problems all day. You may be able to just input 0 so that your DHCP will never be renewed but I do not recommend that.
I will re-post on whether or not this has fully fixed the problem, and I hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.

Source: http://www.ehow.com/about_6704740_dhcp-lease-time_.html


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So i havent had any problems yet, there was one time that i lost connection but I dont think it was the same problem. But just incase i increased the DHCP lease time to an even larger time (just added a few zeros at the end of the time) and it hasnt been a problem at all.

If you read this and this helped you out please reply and let me know


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You can avoid have to configure Lease time by setting up Static IP addresses on the devices or getting into a newer router with IP address Reservation options.
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