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EBR-2310 connection issues

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Ok, logs seen on the router are the firewall reports of what it's doing. Thats ok and it's doing it's job.

You mentioned that IPv6 is reporting no connection, you could be on to something. Disable ALL IPv6 connections and services on the windows PCs under network settings. There are check boxes for each service for the network adapter, just uncheck the check box for IPv6. See if this might help. The router and probably your ISP modem are not IPv6 supporting and maybe there could be some cause here.

Keep us posted.

I disabled all IPv6 connections, no luck.
ISP said the "no network access" for the IPv6 Connectivity was normal.

ISP had no logs of use.  The modem itself is good.
ISP went through the router settings with me and said they look good, but said it's a router issue.

  Without the router I can open 20 websites in firefox tabs, and they'll all load up quite quickly.  With the router, 20 tabs will result in half of them resulting in a connection timeout, and sometimes a disconnect.

 I have a huge active sessions list in the EBR web page... something to do with torrents?  I haven't P2P'd in awhile.

  Connection time outs, and disconnects were frequent this morning, I ran the windows diagnosis during a disconnect, and it said the DNS server wasn't responding.

I reset, and reconfigured everything this morning, without change.  I'm losing hope.

After the factory reset, did you happen to disconnect any and all other devices accept for one PC to test? Disable any background running programs on the PC while testing. Disable any security SW while testing.

Is the ISP modem a newer or update to date model?
You might un-bridge the ISP modem and then input the IP address the EBR gets from the ISP modem and input that address into the DMZ on the ISP modem if it has a DMZ and test.

Any chance you can test the router at a friend, neighbor or families place? Would be good to see if maybe the problem follows or not. Only other thing I would try is go to the store with a refund policy and get you a new router to test out.

Testing was done with one PC, my AVG Anti-Virus was disabled.
I believe the modem is newer.  It's been configured by the ISP for their digital TV service.  I'd have to reset it to unbridge, and there's a sticker on it saying "DO NOT RESET" (stickers aren't the boss of me!?).  Tempting though, it does have a built in router which I could try out.
I could get a new EBR for testing, that's last resort.

If I figure anything out, I'll post. 

Thanks for the help Nutz.

I reset my modem. 
I've got it in bridged mode, with both computers manually connected to the internet. ( Am I going to get double billed?)  I'll have to figure out how to properly configure the modem as a router, if I can.

Good news is, the shared connection is better than ever.

Maybe the EBR was defective, or some funky device/setting conflict?


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