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EBR-2310 connection issues

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Does the ISP modem have a DMZ? You might connect the EBR to the ISP modem, input what the WAN IP address is seen on the EBR into the DMZ on the ISP modem. Connect one PC to the EBR and test.

Sounds like the ISP modem has a built in router and can handle multiple PC. No, you should not get double billed for multiple PCs.

I was able to setup ISP modem as router, works well.  Am able to open dozens of tabs smoothly on both computers without timeouts.

This is what I have under DMZ settings:
NAT -- DMZ Host

The DSL router will forward IP packets from the WAN that do not belong to any of the applications configured in the Virtual Servers table to the DMZ host computer. NOTE: Firewall will be enabled automatically if DMZ host is configured.

  Using one computer for testing, I disabled AVG ant-virus, reset the EBR and reconfigured using the basic setup wizard, and let it connect to the net through the ISP modem.  I then input the IP from the WAN section on the EBR (192.....) into the DMZ config on the ISP's modem.  Internet is behaving as it was originally, sluggish, opening 20 tabs causes few to several timeouts.  I also had a problem accessing the modem to disengage the DMZ at first.

Just noticed the manual for the ISP's modem is 2007, not new.

What model number is the Comtrend DSL Modem? I only see a few.

Possible that the EBR is faulty however with out being able to test it on a different ISP serivce or ISP modem, I would not fully blame the EBR as of yet.

One thing you could try is to get you a different router, say a DIR series and test to see if that exhibits the same thing. Unless your just content on using the ISP modem/router as your main host router, then your probably good to go.

The ISP's modem is a CT-5621T.

  I won't be able to test the EBR on a different ISP service, but It has been tested with a different (speedstream?) modem.  The ISP gave me this Comtrend modem hoping it would resolve my issue...which it did.

  I don't have the expertise to blame the EBR.  At least I didn't have to buy a new router.

Thanks for the help Furry Nutz.





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