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i have a d-link DSL-2730U, i am in morocco and i need the firmware or where i can download it please, to upgrade my router

thank you  ;)

I recommend you contact your local regional D-Link support office and ask them specifically where you can get FW from and make sure you are getting the correct FW to use.

Let us know what they say.

well i don't know when to find it, and i don't think we have one in morocco, but tell me please is the firmware can change from coutries, or it's just depend my model.. thanx

Lets try here:
D-Link Spain

well thanx a lot, i've got a light from your answer i found the right location since i am in north africa, there was a choice to who live in there, and i reach the download place but now i stoped again in wich firmware i have to download, so i need a light in that

Firmware   Firmware:DSL-2730U T1 FW TH_1.02   4.63 MB   .
Firmware   Firmware:DSL-2730U T1 TO_1.00   9.26 MB   .
Firmware   Software:DSL-2730U T1 DCC TH_1.01   34.39 MB   .
Firmware   software:DSL-2730U T1 DCC TO_1.00   37.01 MB   .

well i don't know wich one of the four is mine or it's all the same.



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