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How do I activate a PCMCIA air card w/out PCMCIA Card Slot on computer?


Does anyone know how to activate a PCMCIA card like the Pantech PX-500 air card so that I can connect it into the DIR-450?
I am thinking about buying it but I don't have a PCMCIA slot on my desktop or my laptop computer, and I'd like to create a continuous wireless network with internet access with the DIR-450 and the air card. (There isn't any DSL where I live  :-[ )
I know that the Sierra 250U I had to connect to my PC to finish the activation process so I'm assuming that I'd have to do the same with the air card.
Only so that I can just remove it to stick in to the DIR-450.  :P
Any ideas?

You should contact PANTECH and ask them if they have a particular process for activating cards. I would also talk to your ISP as well and make sure they service and support this particular card on there network. I presume they do. They might also know how to activate it.

Let us know how it goes.

Yeah this is a legacy device. longer supported. :(
First I'd have to install the Windows 7 compatible software program then connect the device to install the drivers and then finish the activation process.  :P

OR... I could buy a PCI to PCMCIA Controller Card ENE Chipset and install it on my desktop and then activate it and then remove the card and insert it into the router.  ::)

Any status on this?  ???


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