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Certificate key (PEM) for OpenVPN

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Good day
I'm using F/W 1.05B53_WW at DSR-250N
Now i need to configure OpenVPN client using certificates
For this client, i have previously created files ca.crt, client.crt, client.key. Last file was converted to PEM format by command openssl rsa -in client.key -out client.pem
At the "OpenVPN auth" menu, i've uploaded CA/client certificates (CRT files) normally, but client key (PEM) always failed with message "upload failed"
How do i need to prepare PEM file to be able upload this?

You should contact D-Link supported direct, level 2, about this.

Any news about this issue?

Have you contacted DLink support level 2 yet?

Actually, my local D-Link office had no direct idea about this.
They propose to try certificates generated by other solution, but i'm not sure will it help or not.

How can i contact any global support?


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