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Any one that feels there router is over heating or hotter than normal and can collect router temperature numbers and data, please post here. If you can provide the following:
Please post number in Fahrenheit.

Room temp where router is located:
Temp at IDLE:
Temp with only 2.4Ghz data flow:
Temp with only 5Ghz data flow:
Temp with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz data flow:
Temp with wired LAN, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz data flow:

Any of these if possible.

Thank you.


Not sure how accurate the ambient temp device I had since I can't find a more accurate one. I'll look for a laser temp device soon and re-test, so my data isn't the best. I just put the device right on top of the router and let it sit there.

Room temp where router is located: 68-70
Temp at IDLE: 80-84
Temp with only 5Ghz data flow: 90-94
I watched a DVD movie on my Mac Book Pro on 5Ghz streaming the video from a DIR-685 in AP mode, that was wired to the back of the DIR-857. Temp never rose above 94. I streamed the movie for about 1 hour before stopping. Mac Book was 3 feet from the 857.

I'll try and test 2.4Ghz and both this week if I can.

Anyone interested in a Laser Temp guage, check out Amazon.

Had a hard time finding a laser temp gun around here so I've ordered one from  Hopefully it will arrive by the end of the week.  Until then, I won't be pushing the router too hard.

My temp gun came in today.  Ambient air temperature is 20C.  The bottom of the router from sitting on a cool stone surfaced window ledge is 34C with very little traffic going through the router and nothing being used over either WiFi spectrum.  I wouldn't call that promising as a starting point.  I will post some more results when I can sit down and do some testing. 

Please keep us posted when you get results for the items listed in the OP.

I ordered a gun today from Amazon and should be here this Friday. I'll play with mine this weekend and post more accurate results.

Can you post both temp numbers in C and F for us non C users?  ::)

Thank you.


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