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The new DIR-506L SharePort Go would appear, based on D-Link's product description, to have similar functionality to the DIR-505 except that it has a rechargeable battery instead of plugging in directly. In reality, the products operate very differently and I found the DIR-506L to be effectively unusable. My Amazon review is here.

DIR-560L v2.11 FW Update Released

That's not an update - it's the same FW that my DIR-506L shipped with.  What is new is that they posted it, along with an updated QuickStart guide. Last week no firmware at all was shown there. The full manual is still missing and the problems I reported still exist.

I would contact DLink support, maybe level 2?

I intend to contact Dlink support - I have been traveling a lot and have not had the time to sit down with a phone and the DIR-506L. My past experience with Dlink support has been mixed - we shall see.


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