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DSR-250N as base to Netgear Rangemax wireless repeater?

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Any bridging configurations would need to be done on the NG device.
The only other option I would mention is to eliminate the NG device and replace with 2 bridgeable DAP model APs, One wired to the DSR and then wirelessly connect that AP to the DAP upstairs.
DLink has several models, DAP-1360, 1522, 1525 and 1533.

That the NG is not bridging seems to be the case.  But what surprises me is the suggestion the bridging can't be done with just one device upstairs - back to the DSR-250N AP directly, and that there needs to be another DAP wired to it.  Could you elaborate?  You are basically saying the DSR will not function as a base station itself?

I was looking at the 1522, and another and trying to conclude which would do this for me.

If your trying to get additional range and signal upstairs, the DSR can be a host AP however, to use bridging, you would need to I think had at least one more DAP model that can connect to the DSR and should work. Only reason I mentioned having 2 DAPs would be if the DSR doesn't provide a good enough signal, having 2 DAPs, and maybe a the flexibility of running 5Ghz WiFi between 2 DAP for a faster and bigger pipe. However 5Ghz is best in line of sight though.

I would try one DAP and see if you can connect it to the DSR. If it works then you should be good.

Keep us posted on what you go with.

Thanks.  It is possible to get a decent wireless signal up there (the base station is only 10' or so from being basically just under it on the lower floor of the house), but the problem is that the two older machines I want to set up don't do wireless (and aren't worth upgrading).  So, I need something to create the network extension wirelessly, then tether them to the upstairs device. From our discussion I think it will work, so long as the DSR can be the base station, and whatever is put upstairs will behave itself better than that NG bridging back to it.

Again, I have been looking at the 1522 and 1533, as I need a minimum of 2 wired ports, and thinking the 1522 will do nicely.  The 1533 has some other stuff I would probably never need, uses internal antennas that I am guessing may cost me something in reception, and costs more.  I just need something fairly basic on the inside of the network.  Even the higher band of the 1522 is probably a waste, as I don't think the DSR broadcasts on that range.  But perhaps I am not understanding the technology...

Let us know what you decide to go with.


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