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DSR-250N as base to Netgear Rangemax wireless repeater?

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Feel free to tell me I am nuts.  I have been out of the game awhile, and technology does march on, whether you keep up or not.

I have a Netgear Rangemax WNR834Bv2 router I have replaced with a DSR-250N, largely for the extra ports and VPN.  Devices expand to consume all available ports, plus one...

But, I also have a library upstairs where I could use for the network to be extended, and a couple of older desktops (wired only) I could use up there, IF I could get the Netgear to act properly as a wireless repeater.  The Netgear suggests it *should* be able to do this, and I have been through the setup several times, but still no joy.  Anyone with information as to whether this is possible, or how EXACTLY I need to configure either device, please respond, and have my eternal (or at least until the next tech upgrade) gratitude.  ???

I would recommend that you check with NG support for help on how to set up the Rangemax as a repeater if it supports this. If not, you might try to use it as an AP wired to the DSR.

Thanks Furry, I had read several posts, and admit I was hoping you would comment.

The Netgear clearly has some settings to "Enable Wireless Repeating", and I have gone through it several times but still cannot get it to do what I want.  I believe I am perhaps forgetting the fundamentals of repeating vs. bridging, and what I want is really to bridge...which it may not do.  I want all the boxes on the same subnet, not different ones. 

I am now looking at a DAP-1522, and some others that clearly call out bridging - your suggestions are welcome on a reasonably priced piece that will work nicely with the DSR-250N and do what I want to accomplish.

You could try this on this:
 Turning a router into an AP.

The whole point was really to do it wireless, since the second segment is upstairs in the library.  If I could tether them, I could just use the extra ports on the DSR-250N.  But thanks for the suggestion just the same.

What I am trying to get to is:
modem > DSR-250N (Wired to WAN port) > Netgear 834Nv2 (Wirelessly bridged)  From there, clients could be wired to either, or hitting a wireless on either, and all on the same network, using the DHCP from the DSR-250N and DNS from the home server.

I am posting it on the Netgear forum as well, to see if anybody there can help. I have found some posts that suggest that puppy can bridge, if done right.  Looks like most of the success stories use multiples of the same device, though.


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