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How do I update?

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My DSM-510 is a bloody nightmare. First, I cannot get it to connect via the wired connection and secondly is the HDMI problem. I want to update the firmware as it currently has 1.0.6. but everytime I download it and put it on the updater folder on the root dir of the USB the dsm says no update available. When I try update over the Internet it says no Internet connection available when there is.
What is the correct procedure to update the firmware please. I'm about to volley the thing off a wall.

Is the firmware in a zipped archive? If so, you must unpack the archive prior to updating, else the DSM-510 will not recognize the firmware file.

I have unzipped the file and put the folder named "updater" and it's contents from the zip file on to the root dir of the USB. I have tried different methods and different sources for the file but still the 510 will not find an update.

As per the DSM-510 firmware upgrade support FAQ, the firmware file must be located at the root of the USB storage device (it looks like you've done that already) and the file should be named "upgrade.bin". I can't say whether the DSM-510 has any dependencies with the firmware file naming convention.

DSM-510 - How do I upgrade my firmware using the USB port?

Tied the above but it still says no available update found.


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