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Author Topic: Lot of questions about the new MyCloud app/add-on  (Read 8839 times)


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Lot of questions about the new MyCloud app/add-on
« on: July 25, 2012, 05:38:24 AM »

Hi guys!

I'm a DNS-325 owner and I updated the firmware to 1.03 in order to have the new MyCloud add-on which is something I was looking for since I got the DNS-325, to get a "dropbox" style cloud system with the server (I did not knew that Dlink was on that before, so great surprise).

So, the matter is as I saw around here that this service got just few information, but anything clear. Those are my questions related to it:

Folders related questions:

- Before the 1.03 fw upgrade, I got my folders only on the root of DNS. I've got 3 folders for 3 users which has access to my server for backups and that kind of stuff. If I enter as usual by Samba to the server, I see only the old ones, but if I connect through the mycloud app, I see those new ones:

  • My Synced Files (nothing inside)
  • Volume_1 (this was the original folder)

If I enter the "Volume_1" folder as ussual I see those new folders:
  • Ajaxpf
  • mydlinkCloudSync
  • mydlinkCloudSyncServerData
  • websharepro

All of them are necessary? I will use the myCloud just to sync not just the files though the desktop app, but also to upload photos and files from our Android and iOS devices, but everybody got it's own folder, so we will upload everything to our folders. Also, before the fw update I got a "universal" folder to share things between all users.

- When I log into the app on my Android device, it logs as the main user I created by the mycloud wizzard (first time you run the app ask you to make an account, etc...). I'm one of the users but there are two more who will require access to the app, but not as guests, as myself. They should use the same login as myself?

- Can I set up the route to the folder I want to be opened first on the mobile app? (if I go to preferences now, it shows that route: "/mnt/HD/HD_a2" but when you log into the app, it shows the root, doesn't shows mainly the folder I've got selected in preferences.

- I've seen that in iOS app you're able to create folders, which I think it's necessary as if you want to make a new folder for X photos, you should be able to do it before uploading the images in order to have them inside a folder for that images. But can't see the option in Android... where is it?

User related questions

- As I said before, there is any kind of option to make new users, with their own default routes so they can use the mobile app and get there with their own user? (not using the same account as me) For login as themselfs onto the desktop and mobile app. I've seen the guest feature, which shows my server users as "guests", but it only allows you to see shared content and not use the desktop/mobile app.

Storage related questions

- The main ussage I will give to the cloud add-on is to access my old folders and upload content from the desktop/mobile app. I've seen that by default it gives you 2Gb of storage for sharing content, but I don't know if this just applies for the "link shared" content or if it applies to anything uploaded with the cloud apps.

Connection related questions

- As far as I've been using the mobile app I've noticed on both iOS and Android apps that the speed is absolutelly low. When I open a folder it takes few seconds to load the content but when I open a photo folder where I can use the "photo gallery" feature, it takes a lot to load the photos, more than 5 minutes to load one single photo. My connection is by fiber and I've got 50Mb download ratio and 5Mb upload ratio. As far as I know is enough connection speed for having a good navigation/streaming experience... but it just don't load quick anything...

Thanks for everything, let's see if all of us can make a little FAQ for this new service...

PS: Finally I would like to complain about all the new fw stuff... after updating my DNS server I found a thread here saying that there are regions and fw may differ from different regions. In the spanish dlink site it appears as a beta firmware (1.03) but in the FTP linked on forums doesn't says anything about regions and when you enter is not divided by regions or something... also the name of the fw file is without any region tip (like ussually got in its name "US", "EU" or something). So please, we appreciate the new features for our products, but make it clear! :)
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Re: Lot of questions about the new MyCloud app/add-on
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2012, 01:11:09 AM »

I already wrote my opinions about this new add-on on following page
I confirm what I've written in a/m link.
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