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A word of advice. If you have reset your DIR-826L to factory default and then loaded the backed up configuration file, you will notice that your router is missing from and the router shows that it is already registered.

If you need to reset your DIR-826L to factory default and have setup the router in and you want to use your backed up configuration to restore the router then you have two options.
1. Delete the router from before you reset to Factory default. Go back to the router and check to see if the router shows unregistered. Save this configuration for restore later. Do a factory reset and then reload this configuration. Re-register your device.
2. If you have already reset to Factory default without deleting the router in
then follow these steps
a. reset again to Factory default
b. do the router setup and register the device again.
c. go to and check to see if it has registered
d. reload the backup configuration

Hope this is helpful.


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