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Current Line of Routers

SharePort Mobile App

Enjoy your videos, music and photos from your mobile device.

With the free SharePort Mobile app and industry-exclusive USB SharePort technology, you can access your favorite videos, music and photos on a connected USB drive wirelessly from your Tablet or Smartphone. The friendly interface lets you easily find your files by category, whether you’re looking for music, video, photos or documents. Just plug your USB storage drive into any SharePort Mobile-enabled D-Link router, and access your files from any device connected to your router. Share photos and videos with friends without resizing or bothering with e-mail. Now you can create a shared storage space for your home or office. You can even share files with an audience when giving a business presentation.

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QRS Mobile App

Quick Router Setup App. Simple setup. Serious security.

Set up your home network from your smartphone or tablet device with the free Quick Router Setup Mobile® (QRS) application.  Avoid the setup hassles you think of with “conventional” routers. The simple interface walks you step-by-step through setup so that you get connected faster and easier than you dreamed possible. Never fear your router again – let QRS Mobile show you how easy network configuration can be.

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Please see the mydlink Cloud boards to post questions, find solutions, and read commonly asked FAQs relating to D-Link cloud apps and services for D-Link network cameras, network attached storage, and routers.

mydlink Cloud Forum (Root Level)

* mydlink Cloud Forum
mydlink Cloud Forum Boards

[*]General Information - mydlink Cloud FAQ
[*]D-Link Cloud Services -
[*]D-Link Network Cameras - mydlink Lite Mobile App and mydlink+ Mobile App
[*]D-Link Network Attached Storage - mydlink Access-NAS Mobile App and mydlink Cloud Mobile App
[*]D-Link Routers - mydlink SharePort Mobile App and QRS Mobile App


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