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I am curious as to whether I can get an answer.  I have the DSM-310 and am dissatisfied with Netflix.  The manual and box say it comes with free credits for VUDU but I can't find how to get those credits in the manual or D-Link web site.  I checked VUDU's web site and they say they have offers for selected devices but to check with the manufacturer of the device.  Does anyone know how to get the VUDU credits?


Did you try calling D-Link customer support?

Have you made any progress tracking down the Vudu credits?  ???

I haven't yet.  Last night I was having problems just signing on to Wi-Fi.  Each time I signed on, it would lose the signal before I could connect with VuDu.  I will give what you have suggested a try.

Thank you.


Thanks for your help.  It was too simple for me to figure out.  All I had to do was sign on to VuDu on the MovieNite and I found the $5.99 credit waiting for me.

Thanks again


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