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Author Topic: DNS-343 - Firmware v1.06b01 (Beta Release) Comments & Observations  (Read 56027 times)


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Re: DNS-343 - Firmware v1.06b01 (Beta Release) Comments & Observations
« Reply #60 on: November 09, 2015, 11:33:36 PM »

I need to set a specific range of ports to use FXP transfer from FTP outside my network (PUBLIC) to my NAS in my local network.
If this does not set a second server want to connect the random ports.
I must know what range of ports must be set on the router and that is why I need the functionality contained in 1.06b1:
It adds Passive port configuration to the FTP server.
"...Typically, the FTP server software has a configuration option to setup a range of the ports, the server will use. And the same range has to be opened/routed on the firewall/NAT....." and "...find out what ports is the FTP server configured to use. If you cannot know that, you have to open all unprivileged port range, 1024 - 65535. " I do not want to share all ports from the outside.

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Re: DNS-343 - Firmware v1.06b01 (Beta Release) Comments & Observations
« Reply #61 on: November 10, 2015, 01:47:53 PM »

What are you proposing to use as the prime negotiating port on your NAS?  You can set it to something other than the standard port 21 and the other ports fall into line as per RFC959.

Today I had my stores guy looking on the net for dns-343_b1_fw_v1.16b01 and it appears to have vanished into thin air (presumably when D-Link closed the FTP server all the beta software was dumped if more than 12 months old - makes one wonder about management at the time).  Even the Russian site doesn't have it.

We use FXP between our mirror DNS-343 boxes and our clients DNS-343 for the full copy weekly backups and haven't seen any problems (FW1.04 and 1.05) but then we don't use routers at either end (we have a bank of managed switches that connect to the internet via a modem - our clients have the same except they have a single managed switch).  I know this doesn't help you and unless someone (JavaLawyer) has a copy of the 1.06b01 firmware that they can send you I think you are stuck with what you have.
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