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Author Topic: Remote NAS to NAS backup with DNS-323  (Read 2954 times)


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Remote NAS to NAS backup with DNS-323
« on: June 15, 2012, 12:45:53 PM »


6 months (or more?) ago I found a good deal on DNS-323's and bought two, and they have remained in their boxes ever since as I haven't had time to deal with them.  Now I see that the DNS-325 has built-in remote backup capability, but rater then craigslist these 323's, I'd like to make them work.

I currently have an old AthlonXp PC which acts as my fileserver for my 350+ gigs worth of photos. Every night it sends changed files to mozy.com, which costs me almost $40/month, or almost $500 a year.

I would like to replace this old power hungry PC + monthly charges with a DNS-323 in my home which acts as my fileserver, as well I would like it to do backups over the internet to my parents house on the other side of the city to another DNS-323.  Note:  I would like the local DNS-323 to take care if its own backups, rather than rely on a PC to do the scheduled task.

I've seen a few solutions while googling, but they are imcomplete instructions.  Does anyone have a proven solution for this, or should I just get rid of my DNS-323s and buy DNS-325's?

PS.  Although I'm a Windows guy, I'm not scared of the command line if there are straightforward instructions.


PS I understand that this might need something like 'fun_plug?' or something like that in order to access the box, and therefore this isn't standard operating procedure for this NAS.
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Re: Remote NAS to NAS backup with DNS-323
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2012, 01:23:56 PM »

Maybe this forum isnt the place, but here is an outline how this can be done. All these steps should be fairly straihtforward to google on.

1. install fun_plug on both boxes.
2. make sure sshd works on both
3. Make sure sshd works with key-pair login
4. Make you can ssh from one dns to the other with keypair login
5. install fun_plug rsync on both and test that rsync from one to the other works.
6. modify crontab to run the rsync command on one of the boxes.
7. Make the crontab config survive boot (this is probably the most komplex part)

good luck