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DSM-310 - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes


DSM-310 A1 Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.00.55NA - Date: 11/14/2012

[*][New Feature] mydlink - Support more mydlink IP camera models and G.711 audio
[*][New Feature] Added keypress sound effect and volume options in Settings
[*][New Feature] Support OTT shortcuts in D-Link Remote app
[*][Bug Fix] Improved the playback stability of mydlink camera videos
[*][Bug Fix] Completed “Safe Margin” mechanism to prevent screen cropping in analog TV
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed the concurrent issue when working with D-Link Remote app
[*][Bug Fix] Minor bugs fixed and UI adjusted

Firmware: 1.00.48NA - Date: 06/27/2012

[*][New Feature] Support Netflix 3.1.4
[*][New Feature] Implemented the latest version of mydlink login page
[*][New Feature] Added icons of AP signal strength and security on AP list
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed DD+ A/V Sync issue of certification
[*][Bug Fix] Enhanced firmware upgrade function
[*][Bug Fix] Enhanced the wireless settings for hidden SSID and static IP connection
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed duplicate SSID list
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed Friends function in Picasa app
[*][Bug Fix] Improved the playback stability of mydlink camera videos
[*][Bug Fix] Disabled Back and Home buttons function during the firmware upgrade
[*][Bug Fix] Disabled Home button function at the first booting wizard
[*][Bug Fix] Improved wireless auto connection mechanism at the first booting wizard
[*][Bug Fix] Modified the forced upgrade message
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed system hang up issue when entering mydlink app to play camera video after VUDU
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed the bug of Picasa account removal after factory reset
[*][Bug Fix] Remote app: virtual keyboard always appears when pressing arrow keys of remote app
[*][Bug Fix] Minor bugs fixed

Firmware 1.00.38NA - Date: 04/26/2012

[*][New Feature] mydlink App - Support Pan and Tilt function for DCS-5211L/5222L
[*][New Feature] mydlink App - Manually update and auto update camera status
[*][Bug Fix] Netflix 3.1.3 -
[*][Bug Fix] Netflix 3.1.3 - DLINKMTK-43 SD video in 16:9 aspect ratio plays as if it is 4:3
[*][Bug Fix] Netflix 3.1.3 - DLINKMTK-45 Device doesn't display few of the DPI function call properties information on DPI page-2
[*][Bug Fix] Netflix 3.1.3 - DLINKMTK-48 Remote keys are "sticky" during navigation in Search
[*][Bug Fix] Netflix 3.1.3 - Video resolution is limited to 720P
[*][Bug Fix] Pandora - Test case [10.8] Create/rename/delete station not allowed
[*][Bug Fix] Pandora - Updated the production credentials of Pandora
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed VUDU certification issue [2969]
[*][Bug Fix] For DD+ cert, fixed HDMI PCM output is fixed to 2 channels
[*][Bug Fix] For Rovi cert, fixed test case #33, #34, #35
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed issues of wireless configuration and connection after power on and after firmware upgrade
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed wireless WPS function issues
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed the green screen issue in Picasa after playing VUDU movies
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed the afterimage issue when entering YouTube app from mydlink app
[*][Bug Fix] Revised some UI strings and messages
[*][Bug Fix] mydlink App - Changed login background image and browser background image
[*][Bug Fix] mydlink App - Fine tune for audio stability issue
[*][Bug Fix] mydlink App - Fine tuned video display related issue
[*][Bug Fix] mydlink App - Won’t support DCS-940L, and would show the disconnected icon for it
[*][Bug Fix] mydlink App - Fine tune camera connection issue
[*][Known Issue] Friends function in Picasa app is not workable


Firmware: 1.00.32NA - Date: 02/29/2012

[*][New Feature] Added firmware upgrade checking during the first boot-up
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed noise issue when playing Netflix movies
[*][Bug Fix] Fixed Netflix crash issue due to TV power-off
[*][Bug Fix] Enhanced Picasa memory management

Firmware: 1.00.29NA - Date: 02/15/2012

[*]First release of DSM-310 Firmware


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