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Author Topic: Problem viewing DCS-2230 over internet  (Read 2396 times)


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Problem viewing DCS-2230 over internet
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:31:16 AM »

Hello All,

I have two dlink ip cameras.  I have a DCS-932L and a recently purchased DCS-2230.

I am having a problem viewing the DCS-2230 externally over the internet.  I have tried most of the obvious stuff.

I have a BT Home Hub 3 and a Windows Homeserver.  I have the DCS-932L configured to use port 81.  I have port forwarded port 81 to DCS-932L in the HH3 and have no problems viewing the cameras homepage over the internet.  So all good.

But - I have problem viewing the DCS-2230 externally.  I have tried to set it up on a number of different ports and have done the relevant port forwarding.  I am able to access the camera on the internal network - But - I get no response when trying to access the camera externally over the internet.  fyi - I use a Citrix connection to my work to access the internet "externally" to test the camera when I am at home (as I know that HH3 have problems with NAT Loopback).  Ideally - I would like to test the camera on port 81 - but the camera only works on port 80 or in the range 1024 to 69953 (or something like that).  I have used port checking tools to check that the relevant port is open.  The tools show that the port is "open and accepting connections. This indicates the port is not being blocked by either a firewall or your ISP and is currently operational."

I think the problem may be router related or Windows Home Server.  I have tried to check that the DCS-932L on different ports.  However,  I cannot get it to respond on different ports.  Am I missing something....?

I would be interested to know your thoughts.