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Running Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit with latest drivers (17/09/2010 version 1086.33.917.2010) the D-Link nano connects with -30 dB to the wireless router on the other side of the (wooden) wall. Distance: 30 cm, 2 cm wood.
2 other machines are connected wireless as well (Netgear draft n stick for PC/Intel chip-set for laptop). These two never lose network, stay stable at full power connection.
Where as the D-Link DWA-131 Nano Wireless loses connection about 10-40 times a day, being unable to reconnect unless troubleshooter is run (which resets the stick) or the stick is disabled, re-enabled.
In 1 of 4 cases I have to unplug/re-plug the stick.
The connection loss can happen after 5 seconds to 4 hours, no discernible reason.

Obviously, this  makes the stick unusable.

I also tried using the Netgear stick on this machine, and the Dlink on the other, same result inasmuch Dlink loses connection, Netgear stays on-line.
So this leaves the stick or its drivers as the culprit.

anything I can do except sending it back?

109 views and no answers?
Do you all have the same problem or some solution?

Sent it back. Will write how the new one works after Easter.

Happy Easter everyone :)

What wireless modes are you using? Under Setup/Wireless/Manual.
Try single mode G or N or mixed G and N?
Channel Width set for Auto 20/40Mhz or try 20Mhz only.
Try setting a manual channel to a open or unused channel.
What security mode are you using? Preferred security is WPA-Personal. WPA2/AES Only. Some WiFi adapters don't support AES, so you might want to try TPIK only or Auto.

20/49 MHz, WPA2-personal with AES channel 3 (1 5 7 9 11 are in use by others)
b/g/n mixed mode

set it to g/n now,


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