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I think I killed it!!

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Have been super happy with this router for a very long time and now it appears dead.

I was upgrading firmware to 1.9 from 1.8 over wired connection.  I did not see the guide on this site in advance.  Unit appeared to reboot just fine and then it came up with no LAN link lights and only the power and WiFi lights on solid.

Please help, any ideas before I have to break down and buy a new router?

Do a factory reset on the router using the back button.
Ensure your PC is set up for automatic networking, no static IPs on the PC. Look at the status of the networking, does the PC seem to get an IP address from the router after the factory reset?

Check the cable between the PC and router, swap out to make sure.

Factory reset shows no change at all.  Tried powering off/on while holding it in, holding it for 30+ seconds, no change.  PC does not get any connectivity when plugged in to the router, red X on the connection icon in the tray.  ipconfig reports "media disconnected".

I borrowed a replacement DGL-4300 from a friend and it is up and working fine so no issues with the cable.  In that process I did notice that his is a HS Rev. A4 and mine was the original A1, shipped with FW 1.0.  I guess mine is a lot older than I thought, maybe it was just too old of a version to use the 1.9?

I certainly think it is bricked dead.

Any other thoughts?  Is there any way to reset it from the WAN port? 


Ya I think it's dead. I believe v1.9 should have worked. I don't see anything on the web page about not using it on different Revs. Maybe going from v1.0 to 1.9 kills it as you might have had to start with 1.2 and graduate it.

I can't think of anything else to try. Only thing you could try is this:

Review the Recover section at the bottom. I don't think it will work with yours however it's worth a try.
If you don't get the recovery screen then. This router is gone. Sorry.  :-[

You could ask DLink support if there is any additional help, if any, they might have as well. I know it's way out of warranty. However you never know if you ask nicely.  ;D

I would check out a new router. I wish the DGL-4500 was still being made. There are some left on amazon or fleabay used. The next router I recommend is the DIR-825. Great router.

Keep us posted.

Thanks for the help.  Recovery mode was a no-go.

Just FYI I was upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9.  I just wanted to point out how old my unit was (1.0FW on A1 HW) so I guess I got plenty of life out of it.

I will contact D-Link support.  Any tips on how to ask nicely enough to get them to help me?

I will be making the jump to N here pretty soon, but hadn't picked a new unit.  I will take a look at the DIR-825.


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