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I have a DIR-632 that I would like to use only as a switch and AP, already have a router on the network.

I read the topic that explains this function - however it indicates that there is an issue with DHCP.

It is working somewhat now, however only if I set a static IP on the device I am trying to connect with.  Am I reading the other topic correctly in that it will not grab an IP address from the main router?

This setup works with a different network with a simliar Linksys device - so I expected it to work with the Dlink.

If it wont work, is there other firmaware I could use on it like the DD-WRT?

Thanks in advance

edit: sorry, didnt mean to post it in the worong place

the connecting device will grab a IP address from the host router. The AP will act as a pass thru for the data coming and going. Just make sure that you turn off DHCP on the 632 and manually input a free IP address from the host router, can be either inside the host routers DHCP pool or out side as well. or or .199

You can even use the same SSID on both the host router and the AP, just make sure the channel scann is set for manual and the channels are different on each router and AP.

Yes I have DHCP off in the 632 - it does work if I set a static IP on the laptop, but it wont work if the laptop is set to DHCP.

I tried setting the relay to on or off, but that didnt seem to make a difference.

If it is supposed to work, I will keep working on it.  I'll have to check on the upnp setting - could that be messing me up?

Thanks for your reply


And have you input the subnet mask? It should be the same as the host routers.
And your connecting the 632 using one of the LAN ports in back, NOT the WAN port right?

Maybe someone can review your router settings with you using teamviewer.

Yes, subnet mask is correct and yes, plugged into lan port, not wan port.

Thanks for your help - I'll check it when I get back home and update


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