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DNS-320 Network Shares issue and Debian Squeeze help request

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Hello everybody.

Some time ago I bought a DNS-320 NAS. Since then, I have an issue regarding the user-defined network shares. Long story short, they keep disappearing; at first, they used to disappear only after a power outage, but yesterday they disappeared after three restarts. Upgrading the firmware to the latest version (2.02 - the original firmware was 2.00) and changing the HDD had no effect; the shares keep disappearing. Has anyone else encountered this problem or my unit is malfunctioning? I asked an official response, but it's been two weeks and I didn't receive one.

Also, in order to obtain some extra features, I installed Debian Squeeze on my NAS, using the package provided by D-Link and following the instructions by the letter. All seems well, excepting the fact that, no matter how I try, some packages I've installed (squid, qbittorrent-nox and miniDLNA) fail to start automatically after a restart. I tried to add them in the processes startup list using update-rc.d, I also tried adding them into rc.local... no avail (it seems that rc.local is not parsed at all, since it runs OK from the command line and it does what it's supposed to). I checked with sysv-rc-conf and everything looks OK. The annoying thing is that other packages (Apache2, MySql, pure-FTPD) do start without hiccups. Being a beginner in Debian, I would really appreciate a hand.

Thank you for your time/patience :) and have a nice day!


Could you possibly post the link to all the instructions you followed please?


Hi, Padul.

I solved the boot run issue, thanks to SABnzbd Forums. All you have to do is place the commands you want to run at boot at the bottom of /boot/linuxrc. For me, it was like this:

/usr/sbin/squid -D -YC
/usr/sbin/minidlna start
/usr/bin/qbittorrent-nox start

Nobody has the same issue I do with network shares disapearance? They did it again today... it's getting downright annoying :(


Sorry what i was referring to was which D-Link documentation you used to install Debian on the DNS-320. I am interested to read it, so if you could put the URL here I would really appreciate it.

All the best

Hi, Padul.

Here's the link:

The How-To is inside the archive (DNS-320&

Enjoy :)


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