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DIR-635 as a second wifi point in my house? possible?

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I am connecting a DIR-636L in the house which was a router for internet access, but now want to use it only as an access point.

According to the instructions, it should be pretty straightforward. What I have is a CISCO router connected to the cable modem. I have put the D-Link connected from an ethernet port on the Cisco to the ethernet port on the DLink. I unchecked DHCP and UPnP. I then assigned an address on the DLINK to be which is in the same subnet as the Cisco router.

I can then take my laptop, boot and get an IPconfig which is perfect coming wirelessly to the laptop. It shows on the network, but cannot pull up any webpages. So I did a TRACERT to several sites and they resolve perfectly. I also checked my Samsung phone, and get the same result, a perfect config, but no webpage. When you try to browse to a site via the wireless connection to the DLink, you get

Any idea what is causing the DLink to not forward to the CISCO? What is truly puzzling is the fact you can do a perfect TRACERT via wireless, but as soon as you try and browse, it comes up with the aforementioned error.


The DIR is connected via LAN port to the Cisco routers LAN port. Don't connect the DIR using it's WAN Port. Just the LAN port.
Make sure all other features like firewall, spi and such are disabled as well. The only thing needed is the wifi radio. IT should work in this configuration. I have a DIR-615 and a 857 running in this same configuration.


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