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Transferring settings from DIR-825


Sooo.. if I save the settings from a DIR-825 as a .bin file, can I load that in the DIR-827??? Cause that would save me A LOT of time...

(ok, I already hear you asking "well why don't you just try it genius, see what happens" - I can't try it, I haven't bought the 827 yet, just thinking about it.)

Sorry man, need to put them in from scratch.

Best way I've found is to take screen shots of every router page for reference, specially network settings and QoS, Virtual Server and Port Forward settings. Once there in then save the new router settings.

Thanks... That kind of sucks though.
That's what I've done in the past, with the screenshots, but it takes me at least a couple of hours, with the reboots and all... Anyway, I'll probably have to do it sooner or later.

ya I know, specially when you have alot of devices and or settings. I can relate. However similar some of these routers may seem, there are visual and hidden differences between the models. It's always best to input settings from scratch, you get good at it and you'll know your way around more and the settings will always be good unless you make a mistake. Once you have them in, then you can enjoy. Always save a config to file though.  ;) Thats when those come in handy.  ::)

What I do is view each page without a style then save them as text files.

That way you can just copy/paste the setting from the text file to the new GUI instead of typing them in.


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