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Is there a way to adjust how dark it has to be before night mode is enabled? My camera stays in night mode (and thus B&W) even when there's plenty of light. I'm indoors with all the lights on and it still stays in night mode until I point the camera directly at the lights.

I compared the camera night activation to my nightlight. They are similar. The nightlight dims but stays on in the room with the one bulb on, then shuts off with the full force of the 3 ceiling fan bulbs on. It would be nice to be able to adjust this. If it is possible please let me know. If not, maybe this could be a firmware mod.

I don't have the DCS-942L, but the DCS-930L and DCS-932L do not have any means of adjusting the sensitivity of the Day/Night Mode transition. I've looked through the DCS-942L manual and see no mention of any control. If it's not on any of the web interface settings, then the answer is unfortunately no.

I will add this item to the Firmware Wishlist sticky at the head of this board.

PS: you can press the "Modify" button next to your first post to edit the title back to photocell  ;)

so did anyone find anyway to update the photocell setting?


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