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Just to Confirm before updating


I've been studying this for quite some time now and would like to be sure.
I'm running 1.12EU A2,  2008/10/23 on my DIR-855 and I'm having some issues with SYSlog crashing all the times, WIFI connectivity issues and generally speaking stability issue.

And I see now there there is a brand new version available (1.23b06 EU ), what would you guys recommend ?

1/I'm using a syslog on my Synology NAS but I had to stop as if will crash my DIR-855, is it working for you?

2/Is it safe to proceed with the update?
any major improvements or issues I should be aware of?


The latest version is 123EUb07. I use it for a while now without any problems. Don't forget before update to make a backup of your settings.

Many Thanks Darkling for the answer.
This is a German firmware, any issue loading it into my French DIR-855??

No, it's a german ftp.  ;D D-Link has allot of FTP servers in several languages. It';s always guessing where the newest is.

The language is also settable to french after the update.


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