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DNS ShareCenter - Renaming Volumes


ShareCenter volume names are fixed and are not modifiable. ShareCenter product lines adhere to the following volume naming convention:

* Two-bay ShareCenters:
[+]Slot-1: Volume_1
[+]Slot-2: Volume_2[/li]
[li]4-Bay ShareCenters:
[+]Slot-1: Volume_1
[+]Slot-2: Volume_2
[+]Slot-3: Volume_3
[+]Slot-4: Volume_4[/list][/li]

Volume names are linked to the DNS ShareCenter slot number, not the hard drive located in the slot. If a hard drive is formatted in slot-1 (as Volume_1) and moved to slot-2, the hard drive name will change to Volume_2. Conversely, a hard drive formatted in slot-2 (as Volume-2) that is moved to slot-1 will change names to Volume_1.

Users owning multiple ShareCenters often find the naming convention confusing, since all ShareCenters will contain a "Volume_1" and "Volume_2". To easily discern between different ShareCenter devices, users may use mapped drive letters or the device IP address as unique identifiers.


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