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DNS-320/325 - Recycle Bin Option


The Recycle Bin option will enable DNS ShareCenter users to recover files and directories accidentally deleted from a DNS ShareCenter network share. In order to recover deleted files, the Recycle Bin option must be enabled for the volume prior to the file deletion.


The Recycle Bin option is accessible via the Network Share Setup Wizard (for new network shares) or can be enabled manually (for existing network shares).

Network Share Setup Wizard

* To add a Recycle Bin to a network share, check the Recycle check box in Step 3 "Network Share Setting" of the Network Share Setup wizard. In your computer's file system view, a recycle bin will appear in the network share and will contain any files deleted from the network share that can either be recovered or permanently deleted
Existing Network Share

* Log into the DNS ShareCenter web interface
* Navigate to Management > Account Management > Network Shares
* Edit the volume you want to turn the recycle bin on for and select the Recycle Bin option
* A new Recycle Bin share will appear under the NAS
* Newly deleted files will automatically move to the Recycle Bin share.
* Deleting files from the  Recycle Bin directory will permanently delete the files from the DNS ShareCenter


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