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DNS-320/325 - Local Backups


Schedule local file and folder backups from the local network share of the device or from the local computer using the DNS-320 or DNS-325. Always test the URL before applying changes. This will help to ensure a successful download.


* Log into the DNS-320 or DNS-325 web interface
* Navigate to Application > Local Backups > Local Backups Settings
* Category Use the radio buttons to select the backup method.
If your NAS device has two volumes you can click the Internal Backup radio button to backup the data from the first volume to the second volume and vice-versa. The Internal Backup feature also allows you to backup an existing folder on a volume to another folder on the same volume but nested folders in the same volume are not allowed
If you want to backup the data from your PC or another
NAS device to your NAS device, click the LAN Backup radio button.
* Login Method Enter the login information for the site that contains the files that you want to schedule downloads from. If no password is required, select Anonymous. If a password is required select Account and provide the user name and password. This option is only available for LAN Backups
* Username Enter the user name.
* Password Enter the password.
* Type Select File or Folder, depending on what you want to download or backup
* URL Enter the URL of the site or server you are initiating a transfer from (e.g. ftp://123.456.789/Test or ftp://123.456.789/test.txt)
* Save To Enter a valid destination drive on the device, or click Browse to select the destination.
* Rename Enter the renamed file name here.
* When Enter the date and time you want the scheduled backup or download to initiate
* Recurring Backup Designate the interval and time you want the backup or download to run unattended.
* Incremental Backup By default all local backups and file/folder downloads are in Overwrite mode, meaning that identical files in the destination folder will be overwritten by the source files. Checking Incremental Backup will have the device compare identical file names at the source and destination. Files will only be overwritten if the source file is more recent


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