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Author Topic: Mydlink, custom ports, manual registration  (Read 5060 times)


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Mydlink, custom ports, manual registration
« on: October 16, 2011, 09:53:38 AM »

So I'm advanced user, bought a few of these things to set up on my network.

It's looking to me like both the Android app and the mydlink.com java application, as well as the java application on the camera itself all connect to the internal IP of the camera from the location of the end-user.  This is the behaviour I'm seeing:

1. Set up the cam to associate with the wireless AP, no problem.  Can access http://camera:80 without an issue

2. Set up the cam again manually through the wizard so that it registers at mydlink.com (Since I've read that this is the only way you can do it), no problem.  Open firefox (since IE doesn't work for me), log into mydlink.com and I can see the live video for a while in my browser.  Yipee.  I'm still at home connected to the same network.

3. Download and open the android application 'mydlink lite'.  Logged into the thing, and I have no problems seeing video and audio while connected to the local network.

The issue I'm seeing now, is when I want to connect using the 'mydlink' app from a remote network. 

I have set up my Linux router with port forwarding to port 80 of the Camera; that part is fine.  I can log into the camera remotely through a web browser and play to my hearts content.

I've checked my firewall logs extensively and do not see any connections whatsoever when the mydlink application tries to 'connect' over the internet.  I've even tried changing the 'http port' on the camera itself to match what is on the port forwarding list on my router.

I'm suspecting that even when I'm connected through the Android 'mydlink' application, that the IP of the camera that it's trying to connect to isn't actually my router IP, but still a 192.168 address, hence I cannot see any traffic to the custom port in my firewall logs.

About the only thing I can think of doing is somehow fooling the 'mydlink' website to think that the camera IP is 24.X.X.X, but that's not possible because it seems like the camera itself needs to register with the mydlink website, not my desktop computer.

Obviously this must be a big, big oversight on D-Link's part.  If I were able to customize the IP/port of my camera on the 'mydlink' website under some sort of Camera Setup area, then I could easily get around this issue.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you fix it?