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Multimedia/Gaming Environment setting


For those of you who installed the RALink drivers, rather than the D-Link ones, if you go to the Device Manager configuration for the DWA-140, you will see a setting called "Multimedia/Gaming Environment" which can be set to Enabled or Disabled.

Anyone have some sort of idea what that setting does?

I would also very much like to know this only reason I found this forum is because I was googling for the answer to this.

enabling this setting solved my problems with streaming netflix video

I live in England and when playing online multiplayer games I always experienced something called packet loss. This would involve me on a 10 man frag killing streak then all of a sudden... packet loss. My game freezes for 1 or 2 seconds due to connection and wham I'm dead, or in certain games punkbuster accuses me of speed hacking and bans me from the server. I enabled this setting after months of pain and I rarely get packet loss now, it basically puts emphasis on safely delivering packets to your computer.


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