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difference between untagged VLAN and PVID

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Yes, there is a different vendor specific view of how to handle VLANs within Cisco and D-Link switches.

This is how both worlds translate to each other:

Cisco | D-Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- access port: "switchport mode access" + "switch port access vlan X" | set port to be member of VLAN X untagged (for egress) and (valid for ingress and egress) | set port's PVID to be X (for ingress) either ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- trunk port (VLANs X,Y,...) with native VLAN N: | set port to be member of VLANs X,Y,... tagged and
"switchport mode trunk" + "switchport trunk allowed vlan X,Y,...,N" | set port to be member of VLAN N untagged (for egress) and
+ "switchport trunk native vlan N" | set port's PVID to be N (for ingress) either ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- trunk port (VLANs X,X,...), no native VLAN | set port to be member of VLANs X,Y,... tagged and set port's PVID"switchport mode trunk" + | to be a DUMMY value (for ingress); for other ports don't use this DUMMY "switchport trunk allowed vlan X,Y,..."  | value for any purpose other than to be a DUMMY PVID (data sink to nowhere)
The strange thing with D-Link (from the perspective of a Cisco switch administrator) is, that D-Link differentiates the direction for untagged traffic: PVID is for untagged ingress traffic to the port, while the port's membership of an untagged VLAN is for egress only. In  principle you could assign different VLANs for both directions but I cannot see the advantage of this feature.


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