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Below is a list of features specific to the upcoming DCS-942L:

* Remotely monitor your home or office over the internet
* Includes D-ViewCam for multi-camera monitoring and management
* Motion detection to trigger recording and send e-mail alerts
* DDNS support for web access with an easy to remember domain name
* Administrator/User password protection
* UPnP support for network setup and configuration
* 0 Lux with IR LED for low light environments
* Two-Way audio support
* Micro SD support
* The H.264, Mpeg4 and Motion JPEG streams for high-quality video
* WPS support for easy network setup
* 802.11n wireless connectivity
* PIR sensor support
* Quickly access registered cameras via the mydlink website

The "Two-Way Audio" is interesting, but IMO blurs the lines on what this camera is intended for. Now we're moving into the realm of a two way intercom/communication rather than a monitoring device.

The H.264 is what this camera is all about. 

Now if they would just come out with a megapixel h.264 for a reasonable $$ we would have the ticket!

Does anyone know when this camera is going to be availalbe to purchase?  If it is now, where?


I haven't seen the product available through any of the typical vendors or channels. The fact that the DCS-942L is now listed on the public mydlink product and support pages are good indicators that a release can't be too far behind.

I'm speculating D-Link will want to ensure this product is released for the holiday shopping season.  ;D


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