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I talked to Patrick533 and he was very helpfull, thanks. He's suggested and I've bought PL-APN that has 1W radio, configured it as AP in a bridge mode and wired it to DIR-657. Disabled the wireless on dir-657. The wiFi signal strenght is very good throughout the house and the wireless connection is much more stable. Dir-657 works very solid now. The only problem I have is PL-APN droping off the internet and requiring rebooting every couple of days. The wireless connection between the PCs and TVs (supported by PL-APN) doesn't drop though, just the internet gets lost. It seems to be a problem with PL-APN only because the PCs wired directly to DIR-657 don't loose internet connectivity. In general my home networks is much more stable now but still not perfect.

Nice, glad you found a better solution for WiFi. I would work with Patrick533 and he should be able to help you resolve the AP issues your seeing. Keep us posted.

Patrick555 gave me another helpfull advice and it worked. I haven't had issues when connecting to the Internet for the last two weeks. What I did was:
1. Reserved IP addresses for all devices in the network (in DIR-657)
2. Assigned static IP addresses (corresponding to the reserved one obviously) for all devices in the network

Glad to hear it man. Hope it works well for you. Enjoy.

Why I needed to download my firmware update from d-link website
, when we have a check update in router web management but didn't find the new one update?


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