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Author Topic: Gamefuel (Short version)  (Read 1750 times)

Hard Harry

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Gamefuel (Short version)
« on: August 08, 2011, 05:29:21 AM »

I had written a huge post about this a couple days ago, but then it got erased, and I don't have the heart to invest the time in again so I will keep it simple.

Modem (SB6120)
Router (DGL-4500 Hardware:A3 Firmware 1.22NA)
PS3 Slim (Hardwired)

Basically I was testing if Gamefuel does the same thing as "gaming" rules in the DGL-4500. I always saw Gaming as Port forwarding rules, and Gamefuel as QoS. So Gaming was the GPS telling you where to go on the road, and Gamefuel were the cops telling different types of traffic how fast they could go. I know Furry always had luck with Gamefuel only, but I thought that was because UPnP was doing the Gaming's job, so to speak.

So my test began by disabling UPnP on both the router and the PS3. I then started to systematically change one setting, and run a Auto everything (except disabling UPnP) and seeing what my NAT turned up as.  After each change, I would reset the router, and reboot the PS3, letting it fully warm up and connect.

 When I first disabled my Gaming rules and was just running Gamefuel, and had a NAT2 I thought I had proved Furry was right. But as a control, I then disabled Gamefuel too...and still got a NAT2. So I thought maybe the rules were somehow still in memory, so instead of disabling them, I outright deleted them, and still got a NAT2 type. So I couldn't figure out what was directing the traffic. So I started turning on everything I could think of to RESTRICT the traffic going to the PS3. I turned the Firewall to the most restrictive, I deleted the DHCP reservation for my PS3, I went from Google DNS to my ISP DNS. Still..NAT2.
So out of desperation, I did a factory reset, then went back in and turned off UPnP. Still, NAT2. So I don't know what to think. To my understanding NAT on the PS3 refers to:

NAT1: The PS3's gateway is a public IP so traffic is directly trafficed.
NAT2: The PS3's gateway is not a public IP(IE 192.168.x.x) but the PS3 has seen certain ports set as atleast listening on a local port scan.
NAT3: No public gateway, and some of the ports either don't respond, or respond as closed.

The only official definition is here but it lacks the technical clarity I require. What am I missing? Maybe I can run the tests with a PC and use a port scanner instead?


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Re: Gamefuel (Short version)
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2011, 12:28:45 PM »

A couple month back when I was testing to make my rules I noticed that when I disabled UPnP it did in fact showed UPnP not available on my Ps3, On cod games I was Moderate but at times I was open even with UPnP disabled so at the end I guess when you play a game the game has UPnP enabled in the settings and even if you disable the Ps3 settings it won't affect the settings the developers put in place, this is my theory.

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