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Author Topic: Can't access local web services from outside DIR-655 (via Internet)  (Read 2912 times)


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System : DIR-655 Hardware version A3 with Firmware version 1.34EU

I am running a local FTP server with IP address 192.168.0.LLL on port 21. So I will connect from the Internet to this server. Ports below 1024 are blocked by my ISP. Therefore I've setup a Virtual Server on the DIR-655 with following configuration :
Application Name : FTP server
Public port : 21
Private Port : 2021
Protocol : TCP
IP address : 192.168.0.LLL
Schedule : Always
Inbound filter : Allow All

I have also set up an DYNDNS server with name MyWebName.dyndns.org, and this with automatic upgrade of my dynamic IP address. This is several times tested and everything works flawless. Ping to MyWebName.dyndns.org is OK and also a netlookup gives always the right ip-address back.
I can run localy (and have this tested under different conditions) in my home LAN network,  by open a FTP client , or a web browser (ftp://MyWebName.dyndns.org/) whereas my loginname and pasword is asked. I can login without problem into this FTP server. BUT...
If I do the same from outside the DIR-655, so from the Interenet, I have no response. It takes about one minute and the connection is lost.
I was bussy to look for this problem on the Internet since more than 4 days, and have done and checked everything, and this many different times. Buth the problem persist.
I have the same with a Synology NAS that I will use also on the Internet (setup also some Virtual Servers in the DIR-655). I am 100% sure that it is something in the settings of this router. I have also yesterday reset this router to factory settings to begin again from scratch.
So can someone help me please, I am desperate!



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Re: Can't access local web services from outside DIR-655 (via Internet)
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2011, 06:57:16 AM »

You made a mistake on the virtual server. If ports below 1024 are blocked at your ISP, then the rule should be
Public port: 2021
Private port: 21