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Author Topic: "New DGS-1210-24 switch for home use, cannot connect"  (Read 1533 times)
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« on: June 19, 2011, 09:34:46 AM »

I have a brand new "DGS-1210-24" I got specifically for 1GB connection for home.  I also have a " Wireless WRTGS" router that I have been using for ages and running "Tomato" firmware are on there so I could do Static DHCP...etc

I would like to integrate this switch without changing much to my network setup which includes 4+ devices that have been connected to my old "Wireless WRTGS" router.

1. Should I relieve the " Wireless WRTGS" router of it's "Static DHCP"...etc duties and just use it for "Wireless Networking"? While using my new switch to give out Ips?

2. I installed the Smart Console software that came with the D-Link switch and attempted to connect/discover the switch and configure some things and take  a look but I can't connect to it.

I clicked discover and it found the D-Link switch but after like 2 mins there is a "RED Circle" under monitor.  My WRTGS router gives Ip ranges and tried to configure the switch with that but the input doesn't stick.  The instruction has no "Configurations Scenarios" that that you could look at and make the best connections.

I have my Cable Modem--->Wan Port[WRTGS Router]--->PC Port(1)[WRTGS]---->PC Port (20)[D-Link 1210-24]. Is that the right connections?

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