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Author Topic: DAP-1522 random radio disabling  (Read 1953 times)


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DAP-1522 random radio disabling
« on: May 27, 2011, 03:17:01 PM »

So I picked up this unit as refurbished about a month ago for the sole purpose of providing an AP into my DGL-4100 wired network for my iPhone4 to save on my data plan charges.

The unit came with firmware 1.21 but when this problem started I upgraded to 1.31 but same issue.  The switch on the back is set to AP, but I've tried AUTO and same issue happens.   It's set to WPS disabled, WPA2/AES 2.4Ghz 802.11n 20ghz because that's what Apple specifies for the iPhone4 wifi.  Connectivity is fine and performance is fine, when this issue isn't happening.  I don't own any other wireless devices, landline phones are hardwired.  I live in a rural area, there is not another residence for 5 acres to me so no interference or tampering.

I have tried a paperclip factory reset and reload of the firmware with no change in behavior.

The issue is this, every few days (after not trying to do anything wireless in that time) I'll notice I cannot connect and see that the blinking blue AP LED is no longer on.   I can still access the admin page and status of course shows wireless disabled when the AP LED is out.  Nothing interesting in the log file.  Wireless settings still show it checked enabled as expected.  A power off/on does not clear the condition.  The only thing that recovers the unit is to go into firmware settings and set wireless to disable, save, enable, save in sequence and it's fine again for a few more days until it again decides to randomly disable the radio.

There is a schedule set to enable the radio only when I am home.  I have tried with this schedule disabled also and no change in behavior.  The schedule btw, works fine turning off the radio and back on as specified.  The problem never occurs while the radio is scheduled to be off, only when it was scheduled to be on.

I do not have any other wireless devices or routers to play around with in random troubleshooting.  The problem never happens during use of Wifi, only after a long period of inactivity.  Need someone who has seen this particular problem to comment on what they found out.

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