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Switched Router and now I can't connect outside of my network


So I just switched my home router from a Linksys to the Apple Airport Extream.  All I did was re-point the wireless access to the new SID and everything works great inside my network.  When I log into MyDlink I get green OK status from my cameras even I from my iPhone app using 3g but when ever I try to log on to my camera's to view them from outside my home network I get
"please check your network setting and try again" 
Now I never had any special port forwarding in my old router it was just plug and play so I'm not sure what to do here. 

Any thoughts?

2x DCS-932L
1x DCS-930L

Really no one has any suggestions?

I plug my linksys back in and everything works great over the internet. I check the camera network settings and everything is set to default.

Switch back to my Airport extream and nothing works outside my home network

Not being familar with the Airport modem, or the myDlink site, all I can offer are some general suggestions:

Are your airport settings *identical* to the linksys settings? I am thinking about enabling PnP, making sure the ports are open on the airport, same security protocol?  You may have to explicitly port forward the ports your camera is attached to. 
From your description, it appears request to the camera through the myDlink router are being blocked, or perhaps the camera response is not getting past the router, or the dlink server.
You could try using wireshark to see if the camera are getting the request, and if they do, and they respond, then perhaps the router is not routing those packets.

As an alternative, you could bypass the mydlink server and use a service like to route requests directly to your isp/router to your camera. 

Perhaps a posting to the Airport users forum might help?


Try unplugging all three cameras, then one at a time, re-install using the CD that came with each camera, making sure you do not mix up the CD's. When you install one, unplug it, then do another, and so on.
I had to do this with another router. Hopefully this works, but it can't hurt.
In addition, whenever installing additional cameras, I recommend unplugging any others during the installation of each new camera.


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