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1.23b06 EU released

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On the german FTP, the 1.23b06 EU is available:

The changelog says:
1. Support for DWM-156 H/W Rev.A3
2. Add Oops! Page

We finally have the Oops! Page, you can finally stop mailing support about it..... :)

Anyway here are the internal build numbers:

Firmware Date: 2010/12/24
ipVersion(Date): 7.6.1b0183 (2010, Dec 10)
ipOS SDK Version: 7.6.3 P (1134)

Still hoping for a possible new firmware with IPv6 support, anyway, build 06 of 1.23 will do for now.


--- Quote from: SanderT on April 14, 2011, 04:12:09 PM ---Still hoping for a possible new firmware with IPv6 support

--- End quote ---
I propose to stop hoping and start complaining to DLink about this. We need to get our voices out there and use (public) pressure until they cave in.

Do it respectfully and they might listen.

Will flashing this from a DIR-855 (A2) with v1.23 WWB05Beta work OK?

@Jens: Yes this will work just fine. Mine is solid as a rock with this version.


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